Intro To Integrating Technology Into The Classroom Series: 10 Ways To Turn ‘Offline’ Classroom Activities ‘Online’

My next ten posts, not necessarily in chronological order, will be dedicated to giving real examples of how ‘offline’ activities can be turned into ‘online’ activities to enhanced student engagement, and encourage tech-shy educators to take their first steps in integrating technology into the classroom.

Why is it important to integrate technology into the classroom?

  • Enhances student engagement
  • Your learners are growing up in a digital world
  • Relate to your students with your understanding of social media
  • Help to make the shift for teachers away from content deliverers to content facilitators
  • Help prepare your learners for a digital future
  • Create a truly collaborative environment
  • Make the world a smaller place i.e. flatten the classroom

Hope you enjoy the series.  I will try to link everything I do to British Columbia’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes as much as possible.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Great Blog! I really appreciatte your focus on integrating technology in the classroom. Anytime I visit a classroom, or work with students who are interacting with some form of information technology, their level of engagement increases which is directly related to their interest level. Change is constant in all aspects of life and education should be at the forefront of the change not the tail end, we have a long way to go before we catch up. Imagine a classroom without textbooks but instead e-readers…maybe they would make reading “cool”.

  2. Thanks Scott,

    My goal in this series is to give hands-on simple enough examples of how to turn ‘offline’ activities ‘online’ The first post in this series is almost complete and it will discuss the merits of online writing/blogging/journalling

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