Attending Moodle Conference: Cell Phones and Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Welcome back!  This week I’m participating in a week long Moodle conference on the topic of ‘Cell Phones and Mobile Devices in the Classroom.’  The conference runs from April 19 – April 24.  My personal goal at the end of this conference is decide whether or not using cell phones or other digital/Wi-Fi devices in the classroom can be successful and, engage my learners more, and really contribute to a more collaborative classroom.

I really like this video as an introduction to the cell phone culture that already exists in our schools:

Here are a couple of cell phone in the classroom article to wet your appetite:

BCTF: To Ban or Not To Ban

  • In this article the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation attempts to open the discuss around cell phone use in school.  At this point it doesn’t seem to have formed an opinion.

CBC: Toronto students banned from using cellphones in schools.

  • Appears as though all Toronto public schools have a cellphone ban in effect, voted on by the Toronto District School Board Trustees.  I’m not sure of a lot of things with this topic but I am sure of one thing.  An outright ban on cell phones in schools will not work!

CBC: Cellphone Jamming Principal Forced to Retreat at B.C. High School.

  • Nice Try Mr. Steven Gray but that’s illegal in Canada.  How did the school district communicate with the school’s administration and how did the staff deal with the block?

It appears as those some school districts in B.C. have developed specific cell phone policies for their schools to follow.  My district,SD33, doesn’t seem to have any such policy…yet.

SD5, SD35, and SD73

As the dialogue continues and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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