Free The Children: My Students Are The Change

Since attending my first We Day in Vancouver this year I have been amazed by all the people at Free The Children and their sister organization MeToWe.  Everything about the organization from the top down to the bottom is solely focus on creating opportunities for students around the world to be become aware of local and global issues, and to take action.  They do this with an adrenaline charged message that is impactful and long-lasting to our youth.

Free The Children make it easy for educators to create awareness and encourage students to stand up and speak out.  The educator resources can be used in many subject areas including social studies, health and career education, mathematics, and language arts.  The lesson plans are ready-made, easy to follow, well prepared, and are easily adapted or modified.  If that isn’t enough, when you contact Free The Children they will connect you with a highly motivated program coordinator who is well-educated, knowledgeable, great with students, and ready to assist the delivery of Free The Children’s message to your classroom/school whenever you need them.  Program coordinators have offered resources, small group sessions, presentations in assemblies, and support to students in delivery of the program.

A Calendar of Action

Throughout the school year Free The Children have carefully created opportunities for youth to become more aware of local and global issues around the world.  Most of their campaigns centre around creating awareness around Children’s Rights. Here’s a brief list of awareness campaigns:

Here’s how We Day Vancouver and  Free The Children inspired two grade 5/6 classrooms at Central Elementary Community School in Chilliwack, British Columbia to BE THE CHANGE!

Halloween For Hunger at Central Elementary Community School:

  • Instead of, or as well as, collecting candy on Halloween, students collected non-perishable foods items to donate to the local food bank
  • We set a goal of collecting 200 items of non-perishable food
  • Students used their social networks to get the message out
  • They told their friends and family members
  • They distributed flyers informing the community of their actions
  • They dressed in costume and collected with care
  • We collected over 630 items of non-perishable food
  • We smashed our goal!

Vow Of Silence At Central Elementary Community School:

  • Students went silent for the day in support of all children around the world whose Rights are violated
  • They arrived at school with tape over their mouths, with homemade badges, and colourfully designed t-shirts
  • The rest of the school were shocked by their actions and wanted to know more
  • Both grade 5/6 teachers structured their day to honour all participating students
  • The day was a complete success with many students remaining silent for the whole day.
  • The message was clear and well understood.  Children’s Rights should always be followed and never taken for granted
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