Tech Integration Post # 2 of 10: Using Google Documents As A Collaborative Classroom Tool

Use a Google Document spreadsheet to facilitate a collaborative class assignment.

Example: Social Studies

Learning Outcome example : B2 – compare Canadian society with the society of another country

  • Design a spreadsheet which compares Canadian society/culture against other societies/country throughout the world.  See template example Canadian SS template PLO B2
  • This example compares Canadian culture to other countries throughout the world
  • Once the spreadsheet is created, publish the document as a web page.  See image below

  • Google returns a very long link to the published document.  Use a URL shortener to shorten the link.  See instructions for below
  • Students then enter the (shortened) link into the URL window at the top of their browser.  They will be directed to the spreadsheet
  • Students are now able to access, create, and edit the document.
  • Your students are able to access and interact with the document at one time making it a truly collaborative effort.  Sit back and watch the document create itself.
  • Once the document is complete it can be used as a revision tool or may be used again in another subject such as math when covering data analysis and graphing.
Copy and paste the link Google gives, to publish the website, into the website.  Click shorten. will return a short, and more manageable, URL such as  I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s much easier to remember the shortened URL.

For those looking for an introductory lesson for the their new class next school year, a great way to get to know your class is to have them fill in this spreadsheet together: Class introduction spreadsheet.

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