Tech Integration Post # 3 of 10: Using VoiceThread To Enhance Oral Language While Meeting Science Learning Outcomes

VoiceThread is a web2.0 tool that allows users to create and upload video, text, images, and audio (known as content) to a secure server from where anyone with access can interact with the content.  Think of it as an audio blog.

Grade 6 Science learning outcome: Earth and Space science – explain obstacles unique to exploration of a specific extreme environment.

Instructions On How To Create An Account:

How to create a VoiceThread:

How to create multiple identities:

In the PLO example at the top of the post, your students will find examples of extreme environments using images, video, or text.  They will use the audio feature to comment on the content by explaining why the chosen environment is extreme. Students will discuss why the environment is extreme, and what makes it difficult to life there.  Each student uploads a different example of an extreme environment and comments on their own thread as well as other class member’s threads.  This is great way to practice and assess oral language as well as introduce and practice science specific vocabulary.

Suggested Achievement Indicators (audio comments/responses) for this PLO are:

  • Identify the salient characteristics of an extreme environment (e.g., space, polar ice, oceans, volcanoes, and the atmosphere — a place that humans do not naturally inhabit but choose to explore)
  • Give several examples of resources and knowledge that can be obtained from distant explorations
  • Give several examples of how technology can be used by humans to travel to and explore an unknown environment

Readability: Declutter Webpages For Easy Reading

Roaming Educator screencast episode 1: Readability

[vodpod id=Video.3687991&w=425&h=350&]

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Thanks to Jane’s Pick Of The Day, Jane Hart, I recently stumbled across browser add-on tool, Readability and I think it could have a profound impact on my learner’s ability to read cluttered webpages without being distracted.

All too often I’ve observed my learner’s distracted by a myriad of visual stimulants when trying to read online text, particularly when reading news online.  Readability is a simple tool which can be installed on the most popular browsers: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Once installed, see tutorial above, one click of Readability button located in the toolbar area of your browser quickly removes all the distractions and presents the cleaned-up text in a format of your choice.  Your learner’s will be able to read online without being distracted and without the possibility of viewing inappropriate and unregulated content.

Give and try and let me know what you think.

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