Engrade Canada: Turn Your Gradebook Online

I’ve struggled to find a suitable gradebook over the years.  What I look for in a gradebook is one which I can keep my marks up-to-date from more than one location, to calculate percentages based on my criteria, that is easily editable, and easy to use.  I’ve experimented with excelGradekeeper, and even old-fashioned paper without success.

Engrade meets all my needs and hopefully yours too.  Engrade Canada is hosted on servers in Canada and meets Canadian privacy laws.  More importantly Engrade Canada avoids U.S. Patriot laws.  This free online web service is marketed as a complete online classroom complete with gradebook, attendance, assignment calendar, progress reports, and safe online-messaging.

Primarily I use Engrade as an online gradebook because our secretary takes care of the attendance piece.  Next year I plan to utilize the assignment calendar and progress reports.  It’s so much more than a online gradebook though.  It’s possible for students and parents to login and view upcoming and outstanding assignments.  It also allows parents and students to see grades throughout the year.

As with all web2.0 tools it’s a really simple process to sign-up for an account.  Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear from you.  For those outside of Canada click here Engrade U.S.

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