EDCI 569 Learning Project Summary: Inquiry Learning

“Inquiry Learning Word Cloud” by Christopher Lister is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

This blog posting reflects a summary of my learning on the topic of inquiry learning for the EDCI 569 #learningproject assignment.


Starting point:

I attempted to introduce an inquiry learning block into my weekly schedule last year and it did go well.  I did not scaffold the process nearly enough to ensure all my learners experienced success.  http://christopherlister.ca/choice/reintroducing-inquiry-learning-into-the-elementary-classroom/


Making connections:

I needed to understand how other k-12 educators were incorporating inquiry learning:



Theoretical frameworks:

All classroom decision should be made based on evidence-based research.  Inquiry learning falls under the overarching learning theory of constructivism.



Understanding the cycle of inquiry:

Before blindly jumping into an inquiry project it is important to know where you plan to take your students learning.



Important questions around inquiry learning:

When introducing inquiry learning into the classroom there will inevitably be stumbling blocks along the way.  It is nice to get ahead of the curve and learn from others.



Models of inquiry:

Exploring Spirals of Inquiry by Halbert and Kaser helped me understand the need for this type of student-centred learning.



Scaffolding the inquiry process:

Helping student understand and define inquiry learning is important.



The importance of self-regulated learning skills:

Time is needed to make sure students, embarking on a journey of inquiry learning, have the necessary learning skills to be successful.



Variations of inquiry learning:

Game-based and simulation-based learning lend themselves well to the pursuit of inquiry learning.





My Diigo bookmarks on the topic of inquiry learning:



Twitter Chats associated with inquiry:

#InquiryChat – Biweekly on Thursdays at 6pm PST

#GeniusHour – First Thursday of every month at 6pm PST


Key BC educators involved with inquiry learning:

Hugh McDonald @hughtheteacher

Neil Stephenson @neilstepenson

Gallit Zvi @gallit_z

Linda Kaser @lkaser

Judy Halbert @JLHALBERT




I have just started to collect and curate my own content on the topic inquiry learning and look forward to continuing to explore this in the future.


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